Xmas Evening With Spirit

At Christmas our family in spirit gather close, It is a special time to gather together and feel the presence of those you have loved and lost to the other world.

This year we are doing something special and unique to celebrate this special time.

Debbie will connect to your loved ones in the spirit world and provide evidence and messages from your friends and family in the spirit world during the Christmas Mediumship Demonstration.

Then we will enjoy a short break on the deck with special Xmas Fare, while our room gets transformed to provide a new and exciting experience.

In the Spiritualist arena Christmas is a time for the Christmas Seance, a joyful gathering to honour the spirit world.  Christmas seances traditionally invite those children in the spirit world, to be present with us.  Presents are wrapped and placed under the tree in the centre of the room, toys and musical instruments are also on offer for the children.

We sing joyfully and experience those in the other world as they walk among us and if we are lucky they will provide some phenomena to show us they are there.

If you would like to experience this truly unique experience numbers are limited to 20 people only.  As all results of a Christmas Seance can not be guaranteed we do not charge for this part of the night and it is totally experimental.

We anticipate the duration of the event to be about 3 1/2 hours including the break, but there is no knowing how long the Other World will manage to be present with us.  

IMPORTANT - Everyone will be expected and required to be there on their on will, please do not drag a partner along to this event as its crucial to the energy of the room that everyone is excited and willing to participate with the Spirit World

Tickets for the 'Xmas Evening With Spirit'  $80


Sold Out!

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