Mastering Mediumship - Beginner to Intermediate

Mastering Mediumship

This is your opportunity to get the best foundation in mediumship around. Learn from Debbie B-Mewes in an intimate setting where you will be given all the guidance and encouragement needed to allow your Mediumship ability to unfold.


Learn in a manner that the great mediums of our time have been trained in, with good strong foundations and with someone with a dedicated passion to teaching mediumship the correct way.

  • Learn the mechanics of mediumship, what does it mean 'to look into the other world' and how can you do it. 

  • Learn to work from the soul and a more blended state, than a more mental process. 

  • Learn to get those unique pieces of information that convince your sitter you have their loved one. 

  • Lean what it is about you that makes you the medium you are. 

  • Learn to recognise when you are working in a psychic or mediumistic state, and how to change between the two states. 

  • Learn techniques to quieten that ego mind, and gain confidence in your work.

Stepping Beyond

Stepping Beyond

A weekend workshop to take your mediumship and your career to the next level!


Looking after the medium within - find out what is really going on with your body while working, and maximise your ability.

Specific techniques to engage and captivate your audience/sitter. Take your work to a new level and really create a space for massive healing, connection and participation with both sides of life.

Learn new and exciting techniques to accelerate your connection with the Spirit World.

Get out of your own way! Learn how to surrender and allow the other world to work, how to trust in the process and not limit your ability or connection.

Launch yourself forward! Advice, support and guidance on marketing yourself and becoming the professional and respected medium you want to be.


Held in the magical surroundings of Universal Cottage Spiritual Sanctuary.

Stand Up For Spirit

Stand Up For Spirit

A course for those advanced to professional mediumship students, looking to take their work to the next level.

A weekend course dedicated to the professional presentation of platform and public theatre mediumship demonstrations.

Two days with teacher/mentor/medium, Debbie B-Mewes, working on your own unique presentation style.

  • Day 1 will be at Universal Cottage in class

  • Day 2 will be at a theatre, on stage under lights with mics for the full experience

  • Sunday afternoon/evening will be a public mediumship demonstration for those students wishing to take all they have learned to the stage.

Training in all aspects of public performance:

  • Ethics and presentation

  • Maintaining your link

  • Dealing with fear and nerves

  • Do’s and don’ts

  • Representing the spirit communicator properly

  • Preparing yourself and setting the stage

  • Contracts and agreements

  • Developing your unique style

  • Practical ‘on-stage’ experience

  • Working with lights and mics

  • Working with audiences.

Into The Other World - Trance & Physical Workshop

A weekend spent exploring the wonders of Trance and Physical Mediumship.  For those with an understanding, and knowledge of mediumship only, no beginners.

We will spend the weekend studying and participating in the following:

  • Pioneers and Pathways

  • Trance deepening techniques

  • Physical Mediumship, the good the bad and the fraudulent

  • Physical mediumship and the Physical body

  • The Amazing ability of the Other World

  • Various ways of making contact, EVP, Planchette, Trumpet, Slates, etc etc

  • Practical Physical Mediumship Sitting

This workshop will be released for the first time with a special price of $297 for the weekend.

If you are interested in taking your mediumship to a deeper level and exploring the realms of trance and physical mediumship then this weekend could be what you are looking for.

Awakening The Goddess Within Retreat

What is a Goddess Retreat

The Goddess Retreat is a gathering of women who are ready to leave behind all the labels in life: mother, daughter, wife, etc., and just be free for a weekend. Time is spent tapping into the soul of the Goddess within and allowing her freedom to roam and play. Magic happens when women come together to support and encourage each other to really be free and enjoy.

Set in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland property of internationally recognised psychic and medium Debbie B-Mewes, we gather to spend time together unlocking the magic and mystery within each of us.

Master Your Magic

Master Your Magic
Do you feel like you are meant for something bigger? Do you know deep down that there is something special you are here to do, yet can't work out what and how to get started?
Register for this exciting workshop and spend the most enlightening day you have ever experienced! Debbie has over 20 years experience working with people's energy and knowing exactly what their gifts and talents are.
Debbie has also taught hundreds of people to tap into that inner reserve of awareness and connection to the universe and its wonders.
She has also worked with some of our biggest business leaders in Australia, from mining magnates to entertainers. So, with a blend of the spiritual and business, Debbie can guide you into finding out what your true purpose is and help you towards creating a business and lifestyle from your gifts and ideas.
You will also experience some mind-blowing activities that will leave you with no doubt that those in the unseen world guide us!
$5 to register and balance of $95 on completion of the workshop.
My guarantee to you - "If you feel you didn't receive any enlightening information, then you don't have to pay the $95".
I am positive you will get a LOT out of this workshop!
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