Where Are My Teeth!

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

Clairsentience!  Probably the most common psychic ability among us all but probably the least known about!

Clairsentience is the ability to pick up and process psychic information via your body, your feelings & your emotions. 

As a medium Clairsentience goes that step beyond, when connecting with the lovely ones in spirit, quite often they will impress the feelings of their passing on me so I can relay to the person I am with how they passed.  Sometimes I get the feeling of not being able to breath, or I will get the heart attack as a sharp pain in the chest, in fact for me even bowel cancer will presents as a certain feeling in my body.

Just a few days ago I had the pleasure of doing a reading for a lovely woman.  This woman's mother had passed into spirit, and instantly I recognised the symptoms she was giving me. 

When the spirit world communicates to me the fact that they passed with Alzhimers, they will always laugh from the other side at the antics they got up to here in their last few years.  This particular mother in spirit was no exception!  Her condition was particularly advanced. 

She had a lot to say about the family here and her feelings for everyone.

Then all of a sudden she gave me the strangest feeling I have ever experienced while doing a reading before!!!

I felt as if I had no teeth in my mouth!! 

In fact my hand automatically covered my mouth  and my eyes widened in surprise!  The woman sitting in front of me asked if everything was OK. I sat with the feeling for a couple of seconds then realised as the woman in spirit continued to communicate to me that she was talking about the fact that she was buried without her false teeth!!!

I looked at the woman in front of me, and exclaimed that her mother was talking about the fact that they didnt put her teeth in when they buried her.  "Oh no!" the woman said, "I knew she would be upset about that."  "You see when it came time to bury her we couldnt find what she had done with her teeth" "Can she tell you what she did with them?"  Her daughter asked.

Having had advanced alzhimers this dear old lady had gone to wash her false teeth, in the toilet!  and via clairvoyant images showed me that she had flushed them down the toilet.  I explained this to her daughter who had an idea that was what had probably happened.

Well thanks to the gift of Clairsentience I now know the feeling of not having any teeth, so I am off to the dentist to make sure I keep mine in good condition!!

​©2016 by   Debbie B-Mewes - Univers-All Goddess TM