Those Moments Before!

Updated: Aug 9, 2017

For everyone working in the spiritual/psychic/mediumship field, lets chat about those 'moments before'

As i write this i am waiting for the first client of the day to arrive. All i have is a name placed into the booking system by my lovely PA. This is the moment when we in this field can start to 'do our heads in'.

Nothing! total silence out there, no idea what the person is like, no idea who they are, worries emerge about them liking me, liking their reading, liking being here.

I once tried to explain the 'moments before' to someone who was not in this field. 'Well its like starting a new job every day!' you don't know who you are working with, you don't know what you have to do or say, you just turn up, and hope for the best.'

Now with over 20 years doing this some may think i should have overcome this stage by now, but i am not sure i ever will. You see prior to their arrival i am still in my human state of mind, still in that place of worry about what may happen.

It's only when i sit with the person and after pleasantries have been exchanged and i get to work that things change.

And change they do!

You see what we do has so many elements to it. There is the brain function and the changes in state that happen. There is the energy in the room and the shifts there that happen. And hopefully there is a shift in our sitters energy, and they can relax and enjoy the process.

When all these things fall into place and usually they are simultaneously happening this is when the magic happens!

So no matter how long you have been working in this field, if you still experience those 'moments before' don't worry, don't question, don't cancel, just trust that those in the other world are just waiting for conditions to change and they will take over. Just relax into the process and enjoy the ride.


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