For so many years I worried, I worried about what others thought of me, I worried that I was not good enough, I worried about the judgements.

-You can't be spiritual and abundant. -You have to be available whenever others need you! -You have a gift it must be free for others to access. -You must turn yourself inside out to please others.

Then I came to realise.

-If you are truly spiritual, abundance is your natural state of being. - If you set your boundaries you have more energy and desire to be there for others. - If you value and nurture your gift, others will too. -If you stop trying to please others, the right people will enter your life.

It wasn't until I stopped the treadmill of trading my time, my gift, my energy as my only source of income that i could step back and breathe.

I took some time at the beginning of this year and stopped all one on one sessions to focus on what I want out of life.

Thinking I was creating a business, I had actually created a 'job' and one that could only provide for me as much as my time and energy allowed, only as many sessions as i could provide. I had placed a ceiling over my own head.

I was getting tired, after 20 years. I love what I do, the gift of mediumship I possess, the joy and comfort it can bring, the life changing awareness I can offer those in discomfort. But I had become tired and it had become my 'work'

I know so many of you in a similar therapeutic or spiritual field will also recognise this.

It wasn't until I became clear on what I WANTED, that the Universe could deliver it. Until I let go of all fears, and really became honest with myself, my life and my business.

And DELIVER it did!!

I am a 52 year old woman in the spiritual field and if I can do this and change my life, so can you!

The personal development growth I have experienced already incredible! The health benefits are super exciting! The tribe and community of people are amazing! The leveraged on-line business is like nothing else available!

I am on my way to Freedom!

Freedom to create and share abundance. Freedom to work when and where I want. Freedom to share my gift out of love not necessity. Freedom to become the best version of myself I can.

If you would like to know more about THIS opportunity then just click on the image.

I understand its not for everyone, but if nothing changes in your life, nothing changes. Be bold, be brave, and be the best version of YOU!

I wish you well in whatever endeavour you choose, and remember it's NEVER too late to create your future!

​©2016 by   Debbie B-Mewes - Univers-All Goddess TM