For the last 20 years I have been in the business of death.

🙏In the reverence of it 🙏In the honouring of it 🙏In the communication with it 🙏In the healing from it

In those 20 years I have come to one realisation death is only a transfer from one state of being to another.

In its tragic, tormenting, painful process, it leaves those not making that transition grieving, feeling the loss, frightened, and sorrowful.

Yet the one that has made the transition is in a place of bliss, freedom, new beginnings, ultimate love, with the ability to manifest their thoughts into reality easily.

Trying desperately to show those left behind in the torment how amazing they are now, how close they can be, how involved in their lives they still are, how beautiful their surroundings are.

So I have come to realise that life is much like death.

In life we make transitions, and in doing this we may leave some people behind. Those that want to stay where they are and keep us there as well. Those that are not willing to transition to the next level. Those that are not wise enough, open enough or brave enough to take a leap of faith into a new reality.

Yet those that follow the souls calling, follow the opportunity that presents. Those that are brave enough to make that transition, will find themselves in the next reality. The reality our desires and our thoughts have drawn to us. They, by the power of their mind and action create ‘Heaven on Earth’ for themselves!

💥A reality where the freedom and abundance we desire is created. 💥A reality where we can do as we please and go where we please. 💥A reality where we create the power to become our true selves. 💥A reality where our capacity to love and share opens up and reaches further to affect more people 💥A reality where we create abundance that can be left behind for our loved ones as a legacy. 💥A reality where beautiful surroundings, and exciting events become the norm for us.

Truly a ‘Heaven On Earth’

Be brave, make a transition, embrace the opportunity to live your best LIFE! Don’t wait until its too late to realise you are the master of what you experience!

I took a leap, let part of my reality die, and bravely stepped into an opportunity that has taken me to a whole new level of living, that has:

👑Given me Freedom and Abundance 👑Allowed me to share more of myself 👑Move from debt to a 6 figure income earner 👑Travel and have fun

If you want to look at what I am doing to create this ‘Heaven on Earth’ click on the image to watch a 40min video.

Its not for everyone but for those that it resonates with, its LIFE CHANGING!


​©2016 by   Debbie B-Mewes - Univers-All Goddess TM