Changing Of The Guard!

We hear that our Guides are around us, but how often do we actually take notice or even take the time to look into the space between the worlds to see and connect with them. 

I have to admit I do not as often as I should!  So its moments like these when they REALLY want to get out attention that make me realise I don't share myself enough with these enlightened souls and protectors. 

Here is a situation in 2013 that MADE me take notice of a guide around me........there was no way she was going to take it easy on me!

Sitting on a full plane flight from Gold Coast to Sydney I found myself becoming increasingly uncomfortable not physically uncomfortable but almost finding myself slipping into a panic attack!  Now I am usually a very relaxed person and not prone to worry or panic, but here it was fast approaching me with no RATIONAL reason at all! 

My mind started racing, spiriling out of control and the other part of my mind trying to talk myself down from this state.  "Come on Deb, you know this isn't real, relax, breathe, you know how to breathe and relax" over and over in my mind to no avail!  I turned to my husband next to me and said in a slightly panicked voice, "if you see someone can you get me some water, Im checking out for a while"  knowing me well, I think he realised something was going on! 

I aimed the air vent at my face and started to breathe myself into a meditative state, deeper and deeper I went and the further I went the better I was feeling.  I found myself in a trance like state when I saw her! 

Her energy was INTENSE in fact it was her energy approaching me that sent me into that state of panic as I have NEVER experienced that intensity of energy before!

This woman approached me dark hair, piercing eyes, black hair in a very blunt cut a fringe straight across her forehead, straight dark hair, dark skin, very striking and very intense.  She had snakes wrapped around each forearm, something that struck me as strange because if I was creating this in my mind I would NOT include snakes! 

She speaks to me without words, with just impressions in my mind and I become aware that she is Aztec and a priestess of death was my interpretation of her thoughts.  The name I vaguely become aware of is Toc or something like that, I know she is not a soft and gentle person but the strength emanating from her was incredible, even though she seems like someone to be afraid of I am aware that she is on my side.  She shows me obsidian tools, and a highly polished green stone as well, as tools of her time.  I also know that she gives me information of an elixir or drug that she worked with or produced that lifted the veil between the worlds.  This is made from the bark of the trees around her, I know she walks between the worlds and is around me to gift me a stronger connection to the other side.

For a while I am in her world walking through ancient aztec surroundings, all the while my body sits deeply in a trance state of a full plane in flight.  She gives me more information about her reason for being with me and instructions to carry out in my own life.

When I arrive in Sydney at a friends I desperately need to google the information I got to see if I was making it all up or was that a real experience.

I google 'aztec priestess of death', and find the Aztec goddess of life, death & rebirth, her name is Coatlicue but she is also known as Toci!

She wears a skirt of rattlesnakes and has wrapped around each forearm a coral serpent!  This was her, I knew I had found her!!

The elixer the shamans used in Sth America (and still do) is made from the bark of a specific tree and it facilitates the entry into the spirit world and the lifting of the veil between the worlds. Ayahuasca is the brew she showed me,

this brew has been used in the Amazon for millennia in order to heal, divine, and worship.

Images of Coatlicue are rare; The primary source for what she looked like is a massive statue unearthed in 1790. Coatlicue has taloned feet and a skirt of rattlesnakes. She also wears a necklace with the skulls, hearts, and hands of sacrificial victims. Coral snakes are around her head and hands while two more snakes emerge from her neck. Coatlicue is the Mother Earth,

Coatlicue, also known as Teteoinan, "The Mother of Gods", is the Aztec goddess who gave birth to the moon, stars, and Huitzilopochtli, the god of the sun and war. She is also known as Toci (Tocî, "our grandmother") and Cihuacoatl (Cihuācōhuātl, "the lady of the serpent"), the patron of women who die in childbirth.

The word "Coatlicue" is Nahuatl for "the one with the skirt of serpents". She is referred to variously by the epithets "Mother Goddess of the Earth who gives birth to all celestial things", "Goddess of Fire and Fertility", "Goddess of Life, Death and Rebirth", and "Mother of the Southern Stars".

I am still not sure why an Aztec Goddess would approach me but I am blessed and gratefull! I am aware of her strength and compassion at the same time.

She wears a necklace of skulls-------my name all through primary school was 'skull' as my maiden name is 'Scullion'!

She is the Earth Mother Goddess -------and upon arrival at the course with the world renowned medium i was travelling to see, the first thing she said to me personally was I had a lovely Earth Mother energy about me!

She is the Goddess of life-death-rebirth---------I work as a medium proving that after death life continues!

Who knows but maybe in time it will become clear! :-)

On my bucket list is a trip to Macu Picu it has now become a priority! :-)

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