Updated: Feb 1, 2018

Having worked in the casino industry for about 13 years I spent 9 years of this in the High Rollers rooms of a casino in the southern part of Australia.

Leaving the casino industry, and moving to the Sunshine Coast I never thought I would again become involved with the patrons from the High Rollers - think Underbelly and Mafia & you will know some of the patrons I am talking about!

Well after a couple of years up here on the Sunshine Coast, a woman called to book a phone reading, she had picked up an old edition of a spiritual magazine in fact at that time it was 6 years old and in a dentist's office.  I only ever advertised once in this particular magazine and she had managed to find this edition 6 years later.

When she called she explained that something about the add and my picture had jumped out at her and she felt she needed to call and get a phone reading.  Nothing too outstanding at this stage............until I started her reading!!!!

When I worked back at this casino years ago I worked the Graveyard shift (yes I see the humour being a medium!) During the hours of 4am and 12noon only the die-hard punters are around!  One such punter was an old Auschwitz survivor.  A mean spirited old man who owed money to the Underworld.  Every time this old man was playing at the tables, a notorious underworld figure and his men would not be too far behind him.  As the old man played they stood behind him and as soon as he acquired a sizable amount in front of him, two of 'boss's' men would escort him from the room and return a little later and the old Jewish man would start from scratch again on the gaming table.

This particular lady had called to book a reading as there was a relationship issue she wanted some clarity about.  When she mentioned the name of person she wished to resume a relationship Images of the casino High Rollers room filled my mind.  Not mentioning this and just assuming the only connection was that she was calling from the state i worked in what was prompting me to remember my time at this casino.  I continued on with her reading,

Being a woman from a respectable Jewish  family when i suggested that I was not getting a good feeling about the person she was inquiring about, she did not understand this.  The more I connected to the woman's energy the more I had underworld and drug information filtering through my mind.  I could not shake this information no matter how much she objected, and insisted that the person she was inquiring about was also from a very respectable Jewish family, and was quite independently wealthy and in no need of selling drugs for an income!

As I delved further into the reading and I connected to the man in questions family I asked her about her estranged partners father, she replied  that he didn't grow up with his father but has to now fix up some mess that his father left behind in business after he passed, or this is what she understood it to be.  With this statement I saw very clearly the face of the old Auschwitz  survivor from the high rollers room!  This old man was in deep with the Underworld.

I then made the statement to the woman  "His father was _______________wasn't he?Because i am looking at the face of this man now!"  She gasped on the other end of the phone line!!  "How would you know something like that"  she asked! 

Amazing how the Universe works!!!  Of all the Psychics in Australia she could have rung she happened to find a 6 year old magazine in a dentist's office that possibly saved her life! 

Over the next three days we had telephone conversations delving into all aspects of her life with this person, and her need to stay away from this connection. Phone taps, cars following me all ensued after these conversations. I think when you mention certain names of underworld figures over the phone, someone out there becomes interested, especially when you work in a psychic field, they wonder 'How Much Do You Really Know?'

 There is a lot more to this story, and perhaps I will add it to the next book!


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