Debbie B Mewes is an entrepreneur with a spiritual connection. Constantly creating and manifesting Debbie enjoys helping others achieve their goals in life.

Founder and Director of the Australian Academy of Spirit, author, international psychic, spiritual medium, healer, retreat and workshop facilitator, constant creator, creator of the largest Mediumship event in the Southern Hemisphere the Uluru Mediumship Symposium 2017, lover of life, mum, Goddess! Check out her stunning silk kaftans!

Debbie has worked professionally as a psychic and medium for over 20 years and enjoys a vast amount of experience within this specialised field.

Previous to working professionally in this industry and working part-time with her abilities, Debbie spent 12 years in the Australian Casino Industry in the high rollers section as a VIP supervisor, an interesting blend of two worlds.

With a client base stretching across the globe, Debbie has successfully connected to those in the spirit world from Academy Award-winning actors, mining magnates and rock stars to much-loved sons, daughters, lovers and pets.

Debbie’s psychic and mediumship ability has been acknowledged and acclaimed as equal to the best in the business, and in recent years Debbie has been selected to demonstrate her exceptional quality of psychic and mediumship abilities by international and national industry greats and television personalities, such as Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell, and the great Mavis Pittilla.

Known for her amazing accuracy and her ability to connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World, Debbie has a stage presence that is gentle, warm, respectful and has a natural humorous delivery on stage that captivates her audience.

In 2012 Debbie was selected as one of the top 5 finalists from 2000 applicants nominated for the ‘Project 200 Awards’ in the category for ‘Women Who Inspire, Impact and Influence Others’.

Debbie is also the author of the hugely successful and top-selling autobiography ‘The Reluctant Psychic’, which has enjoyed enormous success in Australia, offering readers an opportunity to understand, express and feel confident in their own psychic abilities.


Debbie has a passion for teaching and encouraging the abilities in others to unfold under her gentle guidance, as she inspires and imparts her knowledge freely. Committed to sharing her abilities and adding credibility to the psychic world, Debbie regularly conducts various retreats and workshops that support and encourage psychic and spiritual growth.

Debbie’s private one-on-one sessions leave her clients with a new paradigm and inspired confidence in their own direction, along with the knowledge and peace that their loved ones are still around them and still involved in their lives.


Whether you work with Debbie privately, in a workshop, or watch Debbie work from the stage, it is easy to see that great Australian spirit shining through in her easy laid-back, humorous and open hearted style.


Debbie lives in Queensland Australia with her husband Grant, two daughters and a step-son on a property in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Here Debbie and Grant have created the Universal Cottage Spiritual Sanctuary


Debbie is also the founder and director of the Australian Academy of Spirit  a spectacular training development organisation for the advancement and training of psychic and mediumship ability. The AAS acknowledges and awards Mediums around Australia and hosts training by Australian and international mediumship tutors.

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